About Us


As a 100% Hungarian property Petrolsped Transport, Trade and Service Ltd. has been on logistics market since 1996.  Our main field of activity covers railroad and road transportation. Our firm became a pioneer in Hungary by establishing its own private railway company in 2005 and nowadays it is still one of the leaders in managing the largest traffic.   (MMV Zrt. – Magyar Magánvasút Zrt., Hungarian Private Railways ZRT.) – www.mmv.hu


Due to the dynamic development our net annual turnover had exceeded 11 billion forints in 2015. Taking into account the needs of our partners, we have our offices in Hungary (in Budapest and in Záhony) and additionally, we are at the disposal of our clients in our sub-offices on the way to neighbouring countries. Besides, we uphold our own affiliates in Austria, Slovakia, Roumania and we are going to create one in Croatia as well. Our aims are to achieve the highest satisfaction of our clients, to provide a high quality service and to cultivate excellent business relationships. Our management puts emphasis on the constant training of our staff to ensure precise and accurate workflow.  That is why, since 2004, Petrolsped Ltd. operates and develops a quality management system to achieve its aims and to implement its quality policy obtaining ISO certificate.